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a+u 642: Irish Architecture

20 Houses by 6 Architects
Artikelnr.: 216120
Artikeltyp Titel
Erscheinungsjahr 2024
Seiten 168 Seiten
Format 22 x 29 cm
Sprache englisch / japanisch
Produktart Zeitschriften
Verlag Shinkenchiku-sha. Co Ltd
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ISBN/ISSN 9784900213012
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This special feature on residential architecture in Ireland presents 20 houses designed by six architects: Clancy Moore, Steve Larkin, Ryan W. Kennihan, TAKA architects, David Leech, and t o b Architect. Together these Irish architects demonstrate a broad spectrum of materialities and approaches while also remaining true to their cultural and contextual roots. Besides many more traditional homes, this overview expands the house typology to include a farmhouse, warehouse conversion, conservatory room, park gate lodge, and writers room. From reuse to new building and from urban to countryside, this selection of houses embodies the imagination of Irish architecture today.
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